Flex Test Advanced

Nowadays cars are working with a very advanced technology, if you are doing a test with a conventional polarity pen or multimeter you run a great risk of having a loss in your workshop.

The new vehicles work with many digital signals and low voltage signals, the tranquility of using the Flex test pen makes you do your job without fear of having return on the tip of the pen, this not only for electronic injection but also for everywhere d the embedded electronics.

Care has to be taken mainly on the part of:

Air Bag

Electric steering

red can

LED headlights and flashlights

If you don't if you don't take that care and without wanting to use a conventional pen you can be sure it will cost you a lot of expensive repair.

In addition the Flex test Advanced pen has a select button for you to test frequency this test allows you to test all signals that pulse with a frequency greater than 40 hertz, because more than 40 hertz our eyes can not see the lamps flashing so we have to press the frequency knob and analyze how many hertz or how many pulses this sensor is generating, or this actuator is receiving.

For a test like this you can do a quick analysis if you suspect use New Tecnoscopio.


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